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  1. Anna Biunno says

    Just listened to Chuck Apple. I found his viewpoint succinct, practical, and informative.

    For me, this interview underscores the principle that information graphics must tell a story in a compelling way. Seems obvious enough, but if you repeat this to yourself as a mantra, you’ll find that you’ll be discriminating in the way you incorporate graphics into your writing.

    Simple pointers, such as cropping your photos as tight as you can, are priceless.

    Thank you for sharing this interview with us. Looking forward to the rest of the interviews.

  2. Just a reminder: Check your email for links to the interviews. And if you’re not receiving them right at the start of the interview schedule, please email me: so I can do some trouble-shooting.

    This is a new technology and format for me. And I appreciate your feedback so I can learn and help.

    Many thanks!

  3. Everybody: say hello to Kimberly Joki from She’s here to answer your questions. So let her know what’s on your mind. And thank her for such a great interview!

    • Hello everyone! And thank you to Michelle for putting this all together — it’s been great. If any of you have questions or comments, just let me know. I’ll be checking this page regularly over the next 24 hours. Additionally, you can shoot me questions on the Grammarly Facebook page and our Twitter @grammarly. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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