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Yes you have one. But if you’ve ever had that feeling that other people possess the power of the pen and you don’t, it mConfused Fairyight be that your particular genius is a little– how can I put this?– ditzy.

Let me explain.

The word genius used to mean spirit, like a guardian angel. It was a presence born with each little person that helped them through life.


Our genius gave us the power to make quick math calculations, or play the piano, or write poetry. And if we couldn’t do any of those things, we would say, I just don’t have a genius for that.

The word came from genie – the magic spirit that could grant wishes and give poStupid Geniewers. But if you grew up watching Disney, you know genies aren’t always nice, or bright.

You see, everyone is born with a genius, but not everyone is a genius. That’s because some people have guardian angels or spirits that, frankly, aren’t that good at what they do (at least, that’s what they used to believe in the Middle Ages).

So if one person was really talented, he was fortunate to have been born with an exceptional genius; whereas everybody else just had an ordinary old slob of a genius. And after a while, we stopped talking about THOSE geniuses, and only started talking about the exceptional ones. And that’s how genius got its current meaning.

But that brings me to my point – YOU HAVE A WRITING GENIUS! It’s time to meet him (or her). Shake hands. Get to know the spirit that guides your writing life.

They’re not all artsy-fartsy mysterious subconscious presences that put us in a trance and then start writing automatically.Joe Friday

Sometimes your writing genius is a blunt, stern Joe Friday who wants to know the facts, ma’am, just the facts.

Or maybe your genius is a 1980s exercise freak, with a sweatband in her hair and leotards on her legs. She needs heavy doses of gardening and running and music to get her juices flowing.

I’ve met a few geniuses in my time who have benefited from training. They needed the writing process explained. And once they had that knowledge, they were able to soar.

The point is, yes, there are people out there who are gifted writers. And no, you might not be one of them. But you CAN still write. And if you take the time to figure out how you do that best, and maybe get some help, you can write well too.

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  1. Anna Biunno says

    But that is the very reason we visit your site. We want to get help so that we can write well.

    I feel like this posting is a prelude to all the wonderful practices you’ll highlight that will help us get there.

  2. Great stuff, as always. I am really enjoying your weekly blogs; you’re genius is a great example!

  3. Michelle!!!!!

    This is my favorite article of the last four or five months! I’m blown away. I was trying to think what inside this article I would like to repeat as “great” and realized that it was so much of the article that I would nearly have to retype the whole thing. Again, wow!

    I know my genuis thrives on the obscure. He loves reflecting on memories and trying to make sense out of the senseless parts of life. I also think my genuis has a unique ability to focus on conflict, confusion, and tribulation in hopes of uncovering additional meaning. In short, my genuis is absolutely CRAZY to try and find inspiration in the midst of mess.


    • Jermaine – Wow! Glad to hear I hit the mark! And you’re right – your genius is reflective, meditative, what the Hindu would call raja. And we need you to write it out and keep that spark going on inside us all. Thanks Jermaine. Best – Michelle

  4. Michelle,

    I think I have a little genius in me. You have read some of my work, what do you think? Does my writing have spirit to go along with the poor sentence structure and terrible grammar? 🙂 One post I really want your input on is my post about bad parents. Ok im done trying to solicit free input.

    I think a lot of bloggers need to read this post. It is a flood of people out there writing without an identity an no Genius. They write like robots with no personal experience or emotion. I get it, I used to do the same thing but it didn’t get me anywhere. Now I enjoy my writing enough that I would keep doing it, even if no one was reading it. Great article.

    • Frank – Your genius is shaped like a pretzel. Somehow you always manage to loop back around to the heart of the matter.
      And I agree – any writer can get GOOD with training, like the kind I’m trying to offer (sorry folks – I promise, I’ve got some great stuff in the works. And I’ll start trickling it out here real soon. Watch for an upcoming FREE webinar on the Writing Triangle. And check your email for some special reports. How’s that for solicitation 😉 )
      But you can only get GREAT if you draw on your own experience and personality.

  5. Thanks for the helpful blog.

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