11 Best of 2011

Corporate Writing Pro was launched May 24, 2011, and in six short months, you have responded with 205 comments on the blog, 1093 followers on Twitter, 90 likes on Facebook, and 596 connections on LinkedIn.

Clearly you recognize, as do I, the need for greater clarity in the content that we write, because communication is key!

Let’s celebrate the first year of our efforts with a retrospective, looking at the 11 most popular posts of 2011.

11) Online or Onsite – Which Option is Right (Write)? – In which I propose that distance training, in addition to saving the planet, might also be more productive for writers as it necessitates long-term measures and facilitates follow-up.

10) Get off the Computer and Write Faster – In which I suggest that those who use old-fashioned methods of writing can speed the process by freeing their minds and separating the writing cycle into its discrete stages.

9) Three Style Guides that Aren’t – In which I debunk every editor’s preference for Strunk & White and offer an alternative with a pronominal defense.

8) Writing to Learn – Part II – In which I offer suggestions for aural and kinesthetic learners to approach the writing process as students and thereby reach their readers more effectively, after offering similar suggestions for visual learners and before encouraging read/write learners to engage the visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners in their audience.

7) Discover Your Writing Genius – In which I revive an archaic definition to demonstrate our learning potential.

6) Getting Aggressive with the Passive – In which I argue that the prejudice against the passive voice is unfounded, defend its use, and voice my objection to its one abuse.

5) Be Kind to Your Inner Writer – In which I note how critical we writers tend to be, and demonstrate how a little love can stave off writer’s block, free the mind, and loosen our tongue.

4) Take Two Doses of Style and See Me in the Morning – In which I endeavor to clarify the lingering confusion left by certain English teachers and other pundits about our precious language and the rights and wrongs whereof.

3) Set Yourself Up for Success – 7 Steps for Long-Term Writing Improvement, Part II – in which I conclude a two-part series and offer a plan whereby any writer can attain mastery of the craft.

2) When Did You Lose Your Voice – In which I share a personal tale and encourage you to return to a special moment in your own life so you can write with authenticity.

1) Copyediting: A Duty of Care – In which I explain what copyeditors do, how it matters, and offer a checklist for those engaged in the task.

Thank you for joining me in this foray into language. 2012 promises to be a year packed with learning opportunities, started with an exciting new course in Writing Compelling Copy for Twitter and Facebook. (If you’re interested in being a beta tester, please email me: michelle@corporatewritingpro.com.)

I’ll be making at least 3 appearances at the National Conservation Training Center to assist in their course Critical Writing / Critical Thinking. (You can have similar training at your organization. Just visit this page and contact me with your training needs.)

In March, I’ll open 8 Weeks to Writing with Clarity to another group of incoming students.

And if you’re hoping to defend a dissertation or publish a journal article in 2012, be sure to get in touch, as I offer coaching services for those publications too.

Thank you again for helping to make clear communication a top priority in your life. Have a graceful and prosperous New Year, and I’ll see you in 2012!


  1. Congrats Michelle on your leaps forward in 2011. Wishing you much, much more for 2012! (BHAGs forever!)

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