1. Not so sure a thought is always rational and objective. Misinformation can cause individuals to develop irrational and subjective thoughts. This definition of thoughts seems to be describing what a hypothesis or concept is.

  2. Will Jones says

    Yeah, what hit me about what you expressed was almost exactly what Tom stated, that “thoughts” are simply what occur in the brain. Folks are “entitled” to have whatever thoughts come to them, in that way similar to having ones’ feelings, or even a ‘sixth sense,’ if you will.
    I think that when you wrote ‘thought’ you meant something along the lines of a having a rational, or so-called, reasonable, idea. Which are not feelings, per se, but something that occurs in the brain. Nor are they yet facts, either. Of course thoughts ought to be always backed up by evidentiary items, but so shouldn’t how people “feel”?
    Yes, you shouldn’t have to say feel when you mean think. We, don’t need to be coddled. Or at least shouldn’t need to be. Feelings simply are what they are, they happen to us; as are thoughts, which come to us. Feelings are transitory; thoughts are to one degree or another rational (however far-fetched).
    We should say exactly what we mean, not coax, nor go soft on, or patronize, anyone. So, I’d say folks are “entitled” to their thoughts (as they are their feelings), whatever they are – but not to have them taken seriously! Especially the ones of all those head-in-the-sand climate change deniers you referenced. Good topic, BTW!

  3. I sorta kinda feel like I might like Will Jones’ remark, if that’s something that you are okay with. But, if it’s not…

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