Communication: Still the Key to Conservation

I realize my blog has been quiet for a little over two years now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve taken a leave of absence. I just needed a hiatus from blogging. You may not realize this, but each blog entry takes me approx. 4-6 hours to write, edit, and post. I could probably crank them out faster if I ignored little things, like facts, or if I didn’t enjoy the research so much, or if I didn’t suffer from writer’s block (like all of us!!). But WRITING IS HARD!!

Writing in the Environmental Sciences: A Seven-Step Guide–the product of many years’ teaching environmental scientists.

When I first stopped blogging, it was to dedicate myself to writing the manuscript for Writing in the Environmental Sciences: A Seven-Step Guide. The book is based on my experience teaching an online course called Writing with Clarity, and it walks environmental scientists through a simple process for writing large technical and regulatory documents, one step at a time. The project reached fruition in July 2017 when Cambridge University Press published it.

Of course, by then, I had embarked on a new project. I realized that the environmental scientists I teach have difficulty formulating arguments for a variety of reasons. So I started teaching a class called Argument for Scientists. The course teaches environmental scientists working for regulatory agencies how to be neutral and objective while taking a position to craft documents that are both rooted in science and legally defensible. I’m sure you know where this is headed.

Yes, I’m currently researching for and drafting another book. I’m also teaching other courses, like Keys to Effective Editing, Writing with Clarity, as well as Critical Writing and Critical Thinking. And I’m freelance editing—500+ scientific journal articles and counting!

Michelle Baker, the Conservation Writing Pro–teaching, writing, and editing so environmental scientists can communicate more clearly!

So even if you don’t see me blogging, rest assured: I haven’t gone away. I’m simply fulfilling my mission in different ways. Communication remains the key to conservation! And I’m committed to helping environmental scientists everywhere learn to communicate more effectively.

Still, I hope you enjoy the blog posts I’ve written in the past. And please share suggestions and requests for topics you’d like to know more about. Who knows? You might show up in my next book!

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