Moody Verbs: The Disappearing Subjunctive

Verbs in English have many different classifications including person, tense, voice, and mood, person. The classes are not mutually exclusive. So a verb can be in the third person, past tense, passive voice, like so: The book was given to me. This article is about mood, a distinction that is fast disappearing. English has three […]

Citing: The Basics

Writers who are new to academic writing, or those who write independently or creatively, can have some trouble knowing when and how to cite in a formal, academic, or research document. Customs differ depending on lots of factors including the venue in which you are writing, the type of writing you do, the type and […]

Think First, Write Later

  For the past few months, I have been learning about a new document type called Species Status Assessments (SSAs). My learnings are resulting in some interesting writing tips that I’m excited to share with you. SSAs are a process resulting in a document used by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in a […]

Somewhere Between Science Writing and Science Fiction the Truth Lies

A 12-30-15 article in The Guardian (“The problem with science journalism: we’ve forgotten that reality matters most” Brooke Borel, 30 Dec 2015) criticizes science journalism for forgetting that “reality matters most.” The article claims that scientific communication can be (and is) driven by a variety of agendas but that science writing should be free from any […]