Communication: Still the Key to Conservation

I realize my blog has been quiet for a little over two years now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve taken a leave of absence. I just needed a hiatus from blogging. You may not realize this, but each blog entry takes me approx. 4-6 hours to write, edit, and post. I could probably crank them […]

What is Sound?

On this first day of December, when the world seems a little drab, I am especially grateful for nature’s rich array of sound. The blue jays insist for the hundredth time on making their harsh, threatening call before settling down to the seed. The doves, already sated, coo at one another as they fluff out […]

Review: Beyond Instructional Design – Rod Sims

When I first began working as an adjunct English instructor, a very wise colleague gave me this advice. He said, “don’t design a lesson because the technology allows you to do it. Design a lesson because it helps you to accomplish your objectives. Then see how the technology can help.” Unfortunately, we seem to have […]

Scientists: Twitter is Research Too

A recent Sunday edition of the New York Times featured a word of warning to scientists who aggressively pursue publication in a variety of new venues. The article, “Scientific Articles Accepted (Personal Checks, Too),” outlines a series of practices it describes as predatory, and decries the fate of the unwary scientist who falls into the […]