Think First, Write Later

  For the past few months, I have been learning about a new document type called Species Status Assessments (SSAs). My learnings are resulting in some interesting writing tips that I’m excited to share with you. SSAs are a process resulting in a document used by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in a […]

Three Tips for Writing Briefing Papers Successfully

As a subject matter expert, you are constantly asked to summarize your work. Rarely do you have the opportunity to “geek out” and share everything you know with someone who really cares. One colleague was so frustrated with this phenomenon he told me it felt like his whole life was an exercise in the executive […]

How To Write a Style Sheet for Your Office

Every office has a grammar guru. It is that one person you go to when you need to know the difference between that and which, where to put the comma, or whether the punctuation goes inside or outside of the quotation marks. But in an office of any size, that one person is insufficient to […]

A Checklist of Style Guides for the Department of the Interior Writer

All writers are bound by the rules of grammar. Creative writers have the freedom to make a wide range of stylistic decisions based upon their personal preferences and the goals of their artistic expressions. Scientific and technical writers need to write with more clarity and rely on style guides to help them produce it. The […]