21 Hacks for Word for Writers

Many of us use the same medium to craft our documents – Microsoft Word. Few of us know how to tap into its full potential as a tool of the trade. Here are 21 essential hacks for any writer working in Word. File –> Options –> Display 1) Show / hide white spaces between pages. When […]

Top 10 Grammar Apps

God bless my students! They ask me the best questions. In a recent class, as I was giving my “here are the four indispensible reference works you absolutely, positively must have” spiel, one of them said, “as we move into a digital world and the book begins its long, slow decline, what do you believe […]

Simplify Your Verbs

A good copyeditor is always on the lookout for language that is imprecise. But what exactly is imprecise language, and how can subject matter experts or technical writers learn to find it on their own? More importantly, once it’s found, how do you replace it without using jargon or $5 words? Well here’s one place […]