~Editing is more than just a finishing touch; it is the missing link to make your writing process easier, faster, and more effective.~

Conservation documents are the result of months (sometimes years!) of effort by many writers. These documents are too long, too complicated, and too expensive NOT to receive a professional edit.

Michelle Baker provided one-on-one personalized writing assistance when I needed it most. Working with Michelle gave me a new perspective on the structure of the concept paper for my dissertation paper. From our first meeting, Michelle created a trusted environment. She realized I had an emotional investment in the content, recognized when I grew defensive, and acknowledged my feelings. She helped me see my content differently and recognize weaknesses in the paragraphs and structure. Her questions inspired me to review passages for clarity and cohesiveness. She made the process fun and I saw progress in the draft each time we met. She is a caring, conscientious, writing coach and professional. I highly recommend her. ~ Diane Knudson, Shepherdstown, WV

I work with government agencies – federal and state – as well as non-government conservation organizations to edit the following document types:

  • Briefing Papers
  • Candidate Conservation Agreements
  • Comprehensive Conservation Plans
  • Conceptual Management Plans
  • Dissertations (APA & CSE)
  • Land Protection Plans
  • Safe Harbor Agreements
  • Scientific Journal Articles
  • Species Status Assessments
  • Step-Down Management Plans
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers

NOTE: I do not edit documents that result in take permits. I refuse to escort a species as it limps towards extinction, preferring to act as a caretaker and guardian, protecting it from danger and nursing it back to health. 

You choose how I can best be of service:

  • Save time and money by identifying your purpose and audience from the project’s start.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies by identifying and resolving legal and logistical hurdles.
  • Eliminate potential conflicts and redundancies by identifying personnel strengths and assigning roles.
  • Keep team focused in the long-term by establishing core objectives for the document.
Structural Editing
  • Gain third-party perspective to discover places where key information has been omitted or belabored.
  • Make your hard work pay off with a document that is logically sound.
  • Ensure your story is not lost in your template.
  • Reach a broader audience and fulfill plain language mandates with simple tone adjustments.
Copy Editing
  • Keep readers reading with a document that flows from one paragraph to the next.
  • Protect your document from inconsistencies with paragraphs that are unified and developed.
  • Save money with sentences short and concise.
  • Safeguard your reputation by avoiding embarrassing and costly mistakes.

L. Michelle BakerI have been teaching government scientists how to write these documents since 2007, drawing on my education and experience as an English PhD and composition instructor (download a copy of my CV). I’m happy to put my experience at your disposal. Schedule a free consultation TODAY to see how I can help you edit your work and make your writing process easier, faster, and more effective.


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