Somewhere Between Science Writing and Science Fiction the Truth Lies

A 12-30-15 article in The Guardian (“The problem with science journalism: we’ve forgotten that reality matters most” Brooke Borel, 30 Dec 2015) criticizes science journalism for forgetting that “reality matters most.” The article claims that scientific communication can be (and is) driven by a variety of agendas but that science writing should be free from any […]

I – Me – You – We: What’s a Scientist To Do?

The use of the personal pronoun in scientific writing is a choice with far-reaching repercussions, not least of which is the accuracy of the article in question. If a team of researchers collected the data, but one researcher is listed as the author, is it appropriate to say I, or should the author defer to […]

Writing That’s Real

A LinkedIn colleague recently posed a question about the fundamentals of communication. Frank wanted to know when “communication standards … [could be] strained to the varying levels of receptive ability in audiences.” I’ve had this discussion with other colleagues in two contexts, first with a Plain Language course and second with Scientific Writing for Publication. […]