Cubing, Reading, and Compiling – 3 Ways of Getting Started

On Thursday May 17, Shakirah Dawud and I held our bi-weekly tweet chat, Writing Matters. In past conversations, we focused on the Writer’s Triangle, discussing matters of context, author, audience, and purpose for professionals who write. In this edition we talked about process, specifically the beginning stages of writing a document. Shakirah and I are […]

Writing to Learn Part II

Welcome to part two of Writing to Learn, in which I propose that our writing can be more powerful when we as authors approach the task as students, with curiosity. One way to do this is to understand our own writing styles. Obviously, the task is easiest for those of us who are read / […]

Set Yourself Up for Success: Seven Steps for Long-Term Writing Improvement, Part II

Last week, I gave you a few tips for how to establish and sustain long-term writing improvement. Those included: 1) Self assessment for effective training; 2) Building a strong foundation using the right tools; and 3) Buying a library. This week we’ll conclude that list with four additional tips. And if you have any others, […]