Writing to Teach

The following summarizes and extends our bi-weekly Tweet Chat #WrMatters from Thursday, August 9th. I’d love to hear your feedback, since this is an idea I’m still developing. And big thanks to Shakirah Dawud and Michelle Walkden for their contributions! Writers are lifelong learners. And not just in the ever-changing realm of style guides. Because […]

Writer’s Block – Myth or Malady?

This was the question bandied about in the #WrMatters Tweet Chat on Thursday June 28th. And just in case you missed it, here are the topics that we discovered along the way. Unfortunately, what we did not discover was an answer to the question: does writer’s block exist as a real phenomenon? Michelle Walkden of […]

The Little Things We Write

The Thursday May 31st edition of #WrMatters featured a discussion of the short messages that dominate our work days. We’re all professional writers throughout our working day as we jot down to-do lists, create status updates, tweet, draft headlines, and of course respond to email. Most of us on the chat realized how important the […]

Hello Short Stuff!

On Thursday, May 31st at 4 pm, Shakirah Dawud and I will host our bi-weekly Tweet Chat, #WrMatters. In our last conversation, we discussed how to begin a large writing project. You can see our suggestions on Shakirah’s blog post, Copywriting Process? What Copywriting Process? and on mine, Cubing, Reading, and Compiling – 3 Ways […]