Why Didn’t I Post This Yesterday?

Loyal readers know that I update my blog on Wednesday, yet this article is being posted on a Thursday. Why is that? Uh-oh. I’ve been procrastinating! That most deadly of writerly vices has stiffened my fingers. Even as I type this, I reach for my Blackberry, checking my Twitter stream for some bit of amusement […]

Your Why Starts with a Y-O-U

When I met my husband, he had two beautiful little girls. Jessika was 7. Erika was 5. And every weekend when I would clean the house, they would ask, can I help? Now, as every homemaker knows, there’s a right way to dust the armoire and there’s the way little girls dust the armoire. Jessika […]

Get Geometric: 5 Ways to Give Your Writing Context

For all you visual learners out there, let’s imagine the outline of your document as a bare-bones scaffold, draping off The Writer’s Triangle, just dangling in the breeze. Is that because your writing lacks context? That’s where the triangle sits – inside the circle of context. So today, we’re going to pin your document to the […]

Set Yourself Up for Success: Seven Steps for Long-Term Writing Improvement, Part I

In the last few posts, I’ve been hinting at the fact that not all of us are born writers. Some of us need training. And in order to be effective, a training regimen needs to be long term. So I thought I’d provide a few concrete suggestions on how to set yourself up for success. I’m […]