Writing to Learn

William Zinsser is an author every writer should read. His book On Writing Well is a classic that I revisit every few years as much for its style as its substance. And Writing to Learn is a text that challenges me as both a writer and a teacher. Zinsser was an intellectual magnate (if I […]

Writing to Learn Part II

Welcome to part two of Writing to Learn, in which I propose that our writing can be more powerful when we as authors approach the task as students, with curiosity. One way to do this is to understand our own writing styles. Obviously, the task is easiest for those of us who are read / […]

Writing to Learn – Part I

Were you ever forced to participate in one of those Writing Across the Curriculum programs? Ugh! Great theory, terrible execution. William Zinsser (yes, the same Zinsser who is responsible for the gem On Writing Well) memorialized the concept in Writing to Learn (NY: Harper & Row, 1988). ┬áZinsser describes a call that he received from […]