Your Why Starts with a Y-O-U

When I met my husband, he had two beautiful little girls. Jessika was 7. Erika was 5. And every weekend when I would clean the house, they would ask, can I help? Now, as every homemaker knows, there’s a right way to dust the armoire and there’s the way little girls dust the armoire. Jessika […]

Unlock Your Reading Potential and Become a Better Writer

As a teacher and an avid reader, I know that people who read extensively are better writers. They have an intuition, an instinct for language. They can sense the rhythm. They possess a wealth of patterns to draw from, a more extensive vocabulary than their peers, even a greater store of experience. But I’ve always […]

Set Yourself Up for Success: Seven Steps for Long-Term Writing Improvement, Part I

In the last few posts, I’ve been hinting at the fact that not all of us are born writers. Some of us need training. And in order to be effective, a training regimen needs to be long term. So I thought I’d provide a few concrete suggestions on how to set yourself up for success. I’m […]

Discover Your Writing Genius

Yes you have one. But if you’ve ever had that feeling that other people possess the power of the pen and you don’t, it might be that your particular genius is a little– how can I put this?– ditzy. Let me explain. The word genius used to mean spirit, like a guardian angel. It was […]

Examine Your Boundaries

Has your writing ever been described as a “choppy?” Does your website or blog feel “dense”? Do you wish your copy had “flow”? Then you need to examine your boundaries. Your sentence boundaries that is. Let’s talk about the types of sentences you’re using, and how you can manipulate them so your reader can move […]